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183 Manolo Legend! Playlist
656 Let's Sing! A little pick-me-up for the fans! Playlist
686 We're Two Hundred Not sure what this is about? If you know please comment below the chant! Playlist
1353 Salute the Champions Walking tall, just like a champion! Playlist
1383 Andres Iniesta Lolo A true ringtone for a true icon! Playlist
2050 I Won't Leave Because one cup isn't enough! Playlist
2080 Oe Oe Oe Oe True fans are gonna love this one! Playlist
2747 Dani Jarque RIP - Jarque died in 2009 Playlist
2749 Sing and Don't Cry Great example of a chant being started by a small bunch of people and spreading around the stadium! Playlist
3446 Columbus, What Have You Done A tough one from the Spanish! Playlist
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3448 World Champions We are.. Playlist
4093 For Villa A short chant of Spain fans Playlist
4143 Jump Little Kangaroo! Tough words from tough fans! Playlist
4840 Alcohol, Alcohol We've come to get drunk, We don't care about the result! Playlist
5540 The Great Reina! It's about time he got his own chant! Playlist
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